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Together we're bringing you The Premier Self-Guided
Divorce Solution

We've teamed up with Wevorce to offer a more convenient and affordable way to handle your divorce. Our self-guided solution offers:

  • A peaceful, collaborative divorce process, to create file-ready documents
  • Financial mapping and co-parenting tools, powered by best-in-class technology
  • Completed court documents and filing instructions for your local courthouse
Get Started $949 per couple

Our customized roadmap guides you every step of the way.

Save money. Save time.
Get peace of mind.

Wevorce helps you and your spouse ensure your divorce is less damaging to you, your finances and the people you love.

Once complete, you'll have all the necessary legal documents, plus tools, knowledge and agreements to move on with the next stage of your life successfully.

Not sure if you're ready to start?

We can provide you with helpful tools and content when you explore the Wevorce community.

Get answers to questions like:

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“There was clarity and compassion in the process, plus changes could be made easily and my questions were answered promptly.” Lisa L., Wevorce Customer

We can support you with extra help from our Certified Professional Services

Think you'll need some extra help along the way? You can customize your Wevorce roadmap by purchasing our Wevorce-Certified Professional services. We'll connect you with our team of Wevorce-Certified mediators, co-parenting and financial professionals to help untangle even your biggest challenges.

Hourly assistance from Wevorce-Certified Professionals is available during the online, self-guided process for an additional $199/hour.

What They're Saying About Us

“It doesn't have to be someone's fault. Wevorce is about making divorce an easier process on everyone.”

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Common Questions

  • Why Wevorce?
    Wevorce offers a family-focused and respectful solution for divorce. Wevorce provides you with a self-guided, step-by-step process that covers the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce so you can create a sustainable plan that works for your family.
  • How much does it cost?
    The service starts at $949. This base price covers a fully online process that you complete at your own pace. It includes information, resources, and guided questionnaires. Once you provide the required information, Wevorce will generate a settlement agreement, all necessary county-specific court documents, and provide detailed filing instructions. You will also receive support throughout the process until the divorce has been finalized through the courts.

    Hourly assistance from Wevorce-Certified Professionals is also available at any time during the divorce process for an additional $199/hour*.

    * The filing fee is not included in the base price and is paid separately to the court.
  • Do I need my spouse to participate?
    No, not if you participate in the fully online, self-paced service. There are a couple of options:
    • Only one spouse needs to complete the initial registration and payment. The fee of $949 covers the service whether or not the other spouse participates in the process.
    • At any point after payment, the other spouse may be invited to participate via mail. A couple can choose to answer the questions together using a single account with the initial registrant's information, or the other spouse can register to access the shared account via the link in their invitation email.
  • How long is the process?
    It depends. We encourage you to take whatever time you need to create a fair and durable settlement.

    The online, step-by-step process is self-paced. The more factors to consider such as children, types of assets and debts, the longer the process may take. This is because there is more information to gather and disclose, as well as more thought necessary to make informed decisions. It may take you just a few hours, or it could take you several months.*

    *Please understand that the length of time Wevorce takes is independent of the length of time it will take to finalize your divorce once it is filed with the court. This time is dependent upon where you live.
  • Will you file my documents?
    Wevorce offers a couple of options to file your divorce documents:
    • Your payment of $949 includes a full set of court-ready documents and a complete set of filing instructions. It does not include the cost of filing or the physical or electronic filing of the documents. You will be responsible for submitting the documents to the court.
    • If you'd like assistance with filing, Wevorce can connect you to a professional for an additional fee or provide some additional resources for courier services.
    We understand that filing your divorce documents can be a cumbersome and frustrating experience. Our partnership with Wevorce aims to provide you guidance so that you can complete the court filing as efficiently and confidently as possible.
  • Can you tell me a little bit more about Wevorce-Certified Professionals?
    Sure. Here is some more information based on common questions we receive:
    • Wevorce-Certified Professionals are mediation, parenting and financial architects dedicated to helping families transition through their divorce more peacefully.
    • They have each completed an advanced mediation training in the Wevorce 5-step process and technology.
    • Wevorce-Certified Professionals pledge to communicate within 24-hours, promote peace and work with honor.
    • Wevorce-Certified Professionals are licensees of Wevorce's processes and technology. They are not employees or partners.

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